ADD Poem

To Have or Not to Have –You and ADD

by Hermann A. Peine

People never consider it true,
That they might have ADD too.
But as they get older its prone to wane,
For one’s energy goes to using a cane.

With ADD work isn’t much fun,
Not counting the 90% not getting done.
Psychologists can come to your aid,
But only after you have paid.

To save you money and be less worried,
Try slowing down and be less hurried.
And slow down reading this poem
And get out of the ADD zone.

ADD is more frequent in a male,
With a ratio four to nine guys for each female.
Onset is in the toddler stage of lives,
With lasting effects seen by husbands and wives.

To see if you might have ADD too,
Your symptoms must be six month old and not new?
There is the “inattention” and “hyperactivity-impulsivity”
Though you can have both, Oh what a fright.

Six identifiers for either
Awards you the prize,
Carefully look through them both
So you may surmise.

If you have inattention
And not be the hyper type,
Or you may be overactive
With all your might.


(1) Careless mistakes and poor attention,
At home, work, and play, or even detention.

(2) Tasks seem too long and don’t seem fair,
(3) And listening abilities are also not there.

(4) Failing instructions to carefully follow,
(5) Is as difficult as organizing tasks are hollow.

(6) Using excessive mental effort is tough,
(7) While loosing things necessary for tasks is rough.

(8) Being easily distracted by things that are around,
(9) And forgetting daily activities to which you are bound.


(1) Consider your fidgeting hands and feet,
or squirminess getting out of your seat.

(2) When there aren’t any grounds for such expressiveness,

(3) Nor running and climbing with excessiveness.

(4) Engaging quietly in leisure
Is as low a probability as having a seizure.

(5) Driven “by a motor” stuck at full throttle
makes you go, go, go and not at a waddle.

(6) You talk out excessively,
But again, very expressively.

(7) Blurting out answers way too early,
Can make you seem way too squirrelly.

(8) You have difficulty waiting your turn
And appear with lots of energy to burn.

(9) You often interrupt or intrude in on others,
Butting into conversations or games with your brothers.

Some of these traits must be there before age seven,
Occurring in multiple settings, different as earth and heaven.

These individuals don’t like the way they are,
They are often out there much too far.

A criterion was made up just by me,
For whether or not you have ADD.
If you finished reading this questionable verse,
This diagnosis probably isn’t your curse.

But if you have seen yourself as a fit,
Go get some help, if only a bit.
Medications have sometimes been found,
To help people get feet back on the ground.

Life can thus offer
Such a healing balm,
For people more even,
Focused, and calm.

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