Fast Track Consult

ABLE-differently Program, a non-profit, community service, for children with special needs

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Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Able-differently Program for School age children (including pre-school, early intervention). From our conversation we have decided together to respond to your child’s needs using this School Consult Package which will be helpful to organize a lot of information for you and your team. You may want to extend your permission to share this packet with your private health care provider.

You will find the enclosed steps that are required before a teleconference meeting can be successful. Many families will be required to obtain school records and contact with their primary care provider and or advocate before the talk together. The enclosed letters to the school and your health provider may assist in this process.

You may want to click on the Able-differently Web Handout, and Able Brochure to understand the services you want for your child as well as a glimpse of the pertinent resources.

You may now download specific materials separately below.

Review and complete what will be most helpful:

Medical –Home:

Obtain the School materials:

  • Copies of your child’s report cards over a few years if possible.
  • Copies of school or psychological testing including achievement, aptitude, language and behavior.
  • Samples of his/her schoolwork with drawings, writing, math, spelling etc.
  • Multiple copies of the Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Teacher Rating Scales from school staff who know your child. You can make more copies or download them from the Able website as noted on the enclosed Able Web handout above. Most recent IEP or (RTI, 504, Health plan) Special Education Plan if your child has one.
  • School/Principal Letter helping you request this information by taking it to school.

Family assessments:


You might want to propose a scheduled school conference after you go over this material. Options include your being at school as most desirable or on the phone, with your child present if appropriate. Also consider having a friend of the family or other significant person from your personal family support network if both parents can’t be present. You will want other specified school team members as desired to assess and problem solve together. Our school conference form is helpful to structure and guide direction and purposes. Click to obtain a Guide on how to conduct your own conference. Click to obtain a Guide on how to conduct your own conference.

You can call a person at the above number to help with questions as well as the Utah Parent Center at 801-272-1051.

Hopefully this letter will help organize your goals for making things better for your child in school and establish your first team meeting while you participate with your doctor. Congratulations.