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Public schools are required to assess any child whose school performance falls below grade level. This assessment needs to include a comparison of cognitive skills (such as IQ, etc.) and academic functioning. If there is enough difference between the child’s expected abilities and their present functioning, they are entitled to resource help in these areas.

If a child’s functioning is below normal range, and testing has not occurred, the parent can request this through their family physician. The school has a specified length of time (often 30 days) to complete this testing once they receive this request. If the child’s functioning is within or above average range, but the parent feels that the child could be functioning at a higher level, the school is not required to perform testing. Psychologists in the private sector can then do the testing.

Rules for school intervention when inappropriate behavior occurs are formally written and parents have access to this information. If a copy of these rules of intervention has not been sent to the home, the parent can call the school or school district or find the information at the Utah State Office of Education website under Special Education rules and regulations.

When a student needs extra help to reach his academic potential, a plan is created between the student, the teacher and the parent. This is called and Individual Education Plan or IEP. Common things that are included in an IEP are:

  • Exchanges of daily parent-teacher notes about the child’s progress.
  • A coach or buddy to help the child keep track of assignments.
  • A decrease in the amount of handwriting required because of determined problems.

If a child has one or more health conditions that make it difficult to function in a regular classroom, the parents can ask for a 504 plan. This law was passed to make sure that children get the help they need to be able to learn in a regular classroom. Common things that are included in a 504 plan are:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Computer Aided Writing Tools
  • Wheelchair Access

Parents may also request a School Health Plan for such things as checking on a child’s physical status during school hours or dispensing prescribed medications by a school nurse.