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Frequently Used Special Needs Phone Directory


Information and Referral Hotline 211
Access Utah Network 801-325-5823 or 1-800-325-5823
Economic-related Needs  
Medicaid Hot Line 1-800-662-9651
CSHCN Medicaid Specialist 801-584-8532
SSI and local help 801-321-6500 or 1-800-772-1213
Utahns Against Hunger 801-328-25611 or 1-800-435-FOOD
WIC Clinics:  
West Valley City 801-963-7306
Rose Park 801-322-0502
Salt Lake City 801-534-4629
Education-related Needs
Allies with Families 801-292-2515
Carmen Pingree Autism School 801-581-0194
Computer Center for persons with disabilities 801-887-9380 or 888-866-5550
Davis County School District 801-402-5261
Disability Support Center (Latino advocacy care) 801-973-0129
Granite Family Counseling 801-646-4617
Granite School District 801-685-5000
Jordan Family Education Center 801-565-7442
Jordan School District 801-567-8100
Jordan Ed Center 801-565-7442
Learning Disability Association of Utah (LDAU) 801-463-3890
Lincs 801-281-4425
Murray School District 801-264-7400
Salt Lake ACT (Advocacy helping parents with IEP needs) 801-412-3798
Salt Lake City School District 801-578-8599
Scottish Rites Language Service 801-486-0579
Tooele School District 801-833-1900
Utah Independent Living Center 801-466-5565
UCAT assistive technology 801-887-9539
Utah Family Center (parenting, books, toy lending) 801-646-4608 or 801-646-4603
Utah Parent Center 801-272-1051 or 1-800-468-1160
Utah State Office of Education 801-538-7500
Vocational Rehabilitation:  
North 801-292-8665
South 801-571-1223
West 801-840-4360
Medical-related Needs  
CH Clinics:  
Central City 801-539-8634
Copper View 801-328-5750
Oquirrh 801-964-6214
North 801-328-5750
Able Program 801-584-8552
Autism Society of Utah 801-272-1051
Children with Special Health Care Needs 1-800-829-8200
Donated Dental Service 801-983-0345
Health Access Project 211
(access to volunteer services of the UMA, Family Health Services, IHC Community Clinics and Health Clinics of Utah)
Health Care Connect for Utah county, information, referral
and service coordination
Intermountain Healthcare Community and School Clinics ( sliding scale and low income)
Cache Valley Community Health Center 435-752-7060
Intermountain North Temple Clinic 801-359-0901
Intermountain Neighborhood Clinic Sorenson 801-977-0502
Lincoln Elementary School Clinic 801-578-8376
Rosepark Elementary School Clinic 801-364-2434
Other contact 801-442-3029
Lions Eye Bank (Free glasses for Children) 801-581-2039
Maliheh Free Clinic 801-266-3700
Planned Parenthood Association:  
Salt Lake City 801-322-5571
West Valley City 801-973-9675
Primary Children’s Medical Center 801-588-2000
Primary Children’s Medical Center Counseling Out-Patient 801-265-3000
Services for People with Disabilities
State 801-538-4200
County 801-264-7620
Utah Independent Living Center 1-800-355-2195
Utah Partners for Health Care low income, uninsured living in the Kearns and Magna area 801-250-9638
UNI Medical Home and Neurobehavioral Clinic 801-581-5515
University Behavioral Health clinic, reasonable self pay for levels of counseling/meds assessments for psychiatric residents, APRN’s, and Psychologists-source for CBT 801-585-1212
University Psychiatric Residents clinic, low fees for assessment and treatment 801-585-1575
Disability Law Center 1-800-662-9080
Utah Legal Aid (Salt Lake) low income on family law incl divorce, custody and protective orders 801-328-8849
Utah Legal Services outside SL County including housing, and senior citizen law. 1-800 662-4245
Catholic Community Services (also refugee helps) 801-428-1256
International Rescue Committee (resettlement advocacy and support) 801-328-1091
Utah Health and Human Rights Project (service for abused refugees) 801-363-4596
Workforce Services Employment for Refugees 801-536-7000
Social, Emotional, Behavioral-related Needs
Adult Protective Services Hotline 1-800-371-7897


Alateens (for teens living with alcoholic/SA) 801-262-9587
Assessment, Counseling and Educational Services (ACES) 801-265-8000
(SA Domestic Violence, other family)  
Caring Connections (grief counseling) 801-585-9522
CHAAD (Attention Deficit) 801-537-7878
Child Care Referral 801-355-4847
Child Protective Services Hotline 800-678-9399
Childrens Center 801-582-5534
Cornerstone Counseling (SA treatment and general mental health) 801-355-2846
Disability Law Center 801-363-1347
Family Counseling Center 801-261-3500
Families First (Utah Youth Village) 801-272-9980 ext. 129
Family Support Center 801-255-6881
Frontline Services (Residential Family Support and Behavior Consultation including Family preservation) 801-208-1901
Holladay, Family and Child Guidance (crisis, family, behavior therapy) 801-277-8025
Holy Cross Ministries (adult and school age counseling) 801-261-3440
IHC Behavioral Health Network (IHC sources for all counseling) 801-265-3049
ISAT (specialized and sexual abuse) 801-268-4457
Jewish Family Services (counseling couples
and families)
LDS Family Services (LDS Church members counseling) 801-240-6500
Lifeline (SA for youth-2,000/month) 801-936-4000
Salt Lake County Assessment and Referral for Substances 801-468-2009
AGAPE Counseling 801-467-1496
Shepherd’s Staff Christian Counseling (interdenominational) 801-561-9987
Single Mom Foundation 801-977-7781
SL County Therapeutic Recreation 801-561-0075
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services 801-269-7500
The Sharing Place (grief support for children) 801-466-6730
Trauma Awareness and Treatment 801-263-6367
University Neuropsychiatric Institute 801-583-2500
Utah Allies for Families (family support for children with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues) 1-877-477-0764
Valley Mental Health:  
Child Unit 801-284-4990
Tooele MH 435-833-7370
Davis MH 801-451-7799
Utah domestic violence council 1-800-897-5456
Youth Support Systems (SA for teens and Project Link) 801-969-3307
Youth Services, Respite counseling services for rebellious youth 801-269-7500
In home parenting support 801-668-8303
Utah domestic violence council 1-800-897-5465