Other Testing

Testing Conducted by Other Professionals

Most psychologists taken into consideration the developmental testing and intervention suggestions completed by other professionals. A more complete picture is provided with the following table:

Audiologist Assess hearing, central auditory processing, hypersensitivities and hearing aide need and maintenance.
Registred Dietitian Assess Nutrition, feeding and eating behavior and diet.
Occupational Therapist An Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluates visual perception,
fine motor and visual motor integration as well as sensory processing.
Pediatric Physical Therapist The Physical Therapist (PT) assesses large motor development,
ambulation, posture and wheel-chair fit and other accessories. PT and OT also assess development and feeding
issues in infancy.
Speech and Language Therapist The speech language therapist evaluates articulation (how sounds are made), receptive language (understanding & processing of language), expressive language (what is said), Voice quality and Fluency.