An Ode to the OCD Personality

An Ode to the OCD Personality

by Hermann A. Peine

We call it an Osbsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder,
And it isn’t really a fun song,
And if you suggest I have it,
This Ode will end up proving you wrong.

I would deny it with some assurance,
As these lines will surely attest,
For each line is far from perfect,
While OCD would demand the absolute best.

Orderliness, perfectionism, and interpersonal control,
Are not virtues I often extol,
For flexibility, openness, and “winging it”,
Are characteristics of my soul.

Over attention to rules and procedures,
And the trivial details of each passing day,
Are contrary to the way I work thinks out,
And not really my personal way.

I wished I could pay extraordinary attention,
To even the smallest of mundane details,
But I get so bored checking out all my mistakes,
Each worked out plan often derails.

Poor allocation of time I can relate to,
On each joyous and whimsical day,
But high self-imposed standards,
Of perfection don’t ever get in my way.

Two men for every woman,
This disorder often befalls,
But not matter their lever of “rightness”,
They lack openness for any recalls.

One percent of the general population,
Go through life with OCD reactivity,
And can be pitied for their proclaimed correctness,
Yet admired for their productivity.

I have reviewed the eight characteristics,
Found in this group of women and men,
And am relieved as I go through them,
I have less then four of them.

So if you wish to check yourself out,
Review the following list aloud,
And if four or more are definitely you,
Welcome to the OCD crowd.

One – Be so preoccupied with details, rules, lists, and order,
And I may add, at any cost,
The point of most any of their activities,
Often gets very lost.

Two – So preoccupied with one’s standards of perfection,
Tasks often get bogged down,
And the conflict of these personal standards,
Hang on like a thorny crown.

Three – Such persons love work and productivity,
Like a sail that makes a ship go,
But at the cost of leisure fun and friendships,
Put off by a self said “No!”

Four – Over scrupulous, inflexible morals, ethics, values,
And how one should truly be,
Not accounted for by cultural or religion,
Give them standards far surpassing you and me.

Five – This person may even be a packrat,
Unable to throw anything away,
Even things not sentimental,
Even stuff having no room to stay.

Six – They often reject assistance from others,
Or delegating out even small tasks,
Unless the help does exactly,
Whatever they were told and asked.

Seven – They tend to be miserly in their spending,
Saving money for a rainy day,
But can be generous to a fault,
If giving is on their terms and in their own way.

Eight – They may show rigidity and stubbornness,
In many aspects of their life,
And did I mention what I think they should have,
A patient husband or a wife.

So how does one deal with the OCD personality,
Behavior, and belief,
Or do we just try to cope with them,
While trying to find relief.

But in their defense I must say,
There are days I would like a few of their traits,
Like staying on-task, and staying focused my way,
And being paid high rates.

So I have finished my crudely written verses,
But I hope you may have found,
You couldn’t have done any better,
Unless you had an OCD friend around.

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